Practical information


The following information, listed in alphabetical order, will assist you in organizing your registration and stay in Minsk, Belarus. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Accommodation is not part of the registration fee. Suggestions for accommodation will be provided as the conference approaches.


We kindly request all participants to wear the conference badge at all times during the INTERACT conference

Certificate of Attendance:
A Certificate of Attendance in PDF format will be emailed to you in the week following the conference.

Conference materials:
Conference materials will be handed out upon registration at the conference venue.

Conference Language:
The official conference languages will be Russian and English.

Conference venue:
The conference will take place in Minsk, Belarus. Specific location to be provided when available.

This conference is intended for educational purposes only and aims to offer participants the opportunity to share information. The Organizing Secretariat of this conference cannot accept any liability for the scientific content of the sessions or for any claims which may result from the use of information or publications from this conference. The Scientific Secretariat of this conference cannot accept any liability for the logistical arrangements made for this conference or any risks associated with them.

Insurance and Liability:
This conference is intended for education purposes only and aims to offer participants the opportunity to share information. It is highly recommended that all participants carry proper individual travel and health insurance the INTERACT conference cannot accept liability for accidents, illness or injuries that may occur at or during the conference.

Organizing Secretariat:

AFEW International:

Van Diemenstraat 48
1013 NH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 638 1718

Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD):

AHTC, Tower C4
Paasheuvelweg 25
1105 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 210 3960

Payment of online registration:
Registration fees of individual participants can be paid by credit card only. Registrations will be processed and confirmed after receipt of payment. Payment can be processed either online or by authorization. The registration fee is valid on the day of receipt of credit card details. If your payment or credit card information has not been received within 2 weeks after the online registration your registration will be cancelled without further notice.

Photographs, audio and video recording:
Recording of official meeting sessions either via camera, smart phone, or other audio/video recording devices is not permitted without explicit consent of a speaker. Otherwise, only the official medical writers appointed by the INTERACT conference organisers may make recordings. Presentations will be posted on our INTERACT conference website as soon as possible after the conference, if the speaker has given the organisers permission to do so.

Registration fee, criteria and cancellation conditions:
Individuals hoping to register after the online registration deadline will only be able to do so on site. For further information, fees and online registration please go to the registration page of this conference.

The INTERACT Conference 2021 is made possible by the financial support from our sponsors. Interested parties are kindly requested to contact Artjom Tsirelson

Visa for Belarus:

Most foreign travelers need a visa to come to Belarus. Belarus issues transit, short-term and long-term visas depending on the purpose of the visit and length of stay and also single-entry, double- and multiple-entry visas. Foreign nationals arriving in Belarus via Minsk National Airport can get a visa at the airport.

In accordance with the international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, no visas are required for citizens of:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Argentina (for stays up to 90 days)
  • Armenia
  • Brazil (for stays up to 90 days)
  • Cuba (for stays of up to 30 days)
  • Ecuador (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Georgia
  • Israel (for stays up to 90 days in each period of 180 days)
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Macedonia (provided they have a private invitation or a tourist voucher)
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia (for stays up to 90 days)
  • Montenegro (for stays up to 30 days provided they have an invitation or a tourist voucher)
  • People’s Republic of China (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Qatar (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Russia
  • Serbia (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey (for stays up to 30 days)
  • United Arab Emirates (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela (for stays up to 90 days)

For more information on obtaining an visa and visa fees for Belarus, please visit:

Kindly note: Your passport should be valid for a period of at least 6 months from the date of arrival.